What is GiveTree?

GiveTree is a web3 platform which empowers creators & charities to raise funds for important causes & earn an income. GiveTree have developed three products: 

NFT launchpad
NFT marketplace
Game world (Metaverse) 

How does it work? 

A % of every single transaction on the GiveTree platform goes to one of our charity partners. The seller of the item chooses the charity and the %.
We require a minimum of 1% must be donated. All creators & charity partners are verified and approved. 

The GiveTree Roadmap

NFT launchpad = July 
NFT marketplace = August 
Game world (Private) = April 
Game world (Public) = August 

What is the GiveTree NFT Launchpad? 

The GiveTree NFT Launchpad enables verified & approved creators & charities to mint NFT collections, hold whitelist & minting events, and donate a % of each transaction to charity seamlessly. 

NFT launchpad.jpeg

What is the GiveTree NFT marketplace? 

The GiveTree NFT Marketplace enables GiveTree customers to mint, buy, sell, & trade NFTs across multiple blockchains. A % of each transaction is donated to the sellers nominated charity seamlessly. 


What is the GiveTree game world? (metaverse) 

The GiveTree game world (metaverse) is a game world where charities and creators can bring their 2D ideas into 3D life. GiveTree helps charities and creators explore new & exciting ways of creating value for their communities and connecting with their customers. A % of every transaction in the GiveTree game world (metaverse) is donated to charity. 


Which game engine is the metaverse built in? 

GiveTree was being built in Unreal Engine 5 through a contracted third party game studio. After the results of our first in game event (soft launch) in April we have now decided to cease working with that third party game studio & launch our own internal game studio. We have also decided to switch to the Unity game engine. 

Which blockchains will be supported on GiveTree?  

Ethereum = July 
Solana = August
Polygon = August 
CELO = September 
Flow = October 


How does GiveTree help charities? 

GiveTree helps charities understand what web3 technology such as cryptocurrency and NFTs actually is, then we assist our customers in implementing this new technology into their business. We assist charities with tasks such as researching the market, creating a web3 strategy, setting up a cryptocurrency wallet, comparing blockchains, creating NFT collections, sourcing artists, creating gaming assets for the metaverse, promotion, community building, and more. 


How does GiveTree help creators? 

GiveTree helps creators to create NFT fundraisers for charity & earn an income at the same time. We assist our customers with tasks such as creating a strategy, finding & selecting a charity, verifying the charity, getting charity approval, choosing a blockchain, developing a smart contract, creating a campaign page, hosting whitelist events, hosting minting events, disbursing the cryptocurrency,  creating gaming assets, and more.