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How many charities are there in Australia?

Updated: Mar 3

According to The Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), as of 2021, there are 60,424 registered charities in Australia helping Australians with a range of causes and issues. If we look at the charities on a state-by-state basis we can see that some states have significantly more charities than others:

  1. New South Wales (NSW): 34.8%

  2. Victoria (VIC): 25.8%

  3. Queensland (QLD): 15.8%

  4. Western Australia (WA): 9.9%

  5. South Australia (SA): 7.8%

  6. Tasmania (TAS): 2.4%

  7. Australian Capital Territory (ACT): 2.2%

  8. Northern Territory (NT): 1.4%


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