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Welcome To GiveTree

Updated: Feb 26

Since October 2018, we have designed, built, and tested in the market four different versions of the GiveTree product with over one hundred charities located across Australia and the world. The first version of GiveTree was a simple online charity directory. The second version expanded on the initial concept to include donations, & the third expanded on donations of money into supporting all types of giving, including volunteering, fundraising and more.

In October 2021, we arrived at the fourth version of GiveTree based on what we had learned from hundreds of conversations with our customers. We had noticed that NFT fundraisers and direct donations of cryptocurrency had the potential to generate more income for charities than traditional methods of donating and fundraising. Interestingly, out of all the charities we worked with, only a handful had even considered using the new web3 technologies in their fundraising strategies. We believed charities needed more help understanding and incorporating web3 technology into their business & its enormous income generation potential. So, we decided to pivot the GiveTree product again into focussing entirely on helping charities with NFT fundraisers, direct donations of cryptocurrency, and incorporating web3 technologies and strategies into their business models.

🐝 Why impact?

In 2022 our planet & civilisation is confronted with a range of complex problems which require urgent solutions. The people and organisations doing their best to solve these problems are often underesourced. We believe that by positioning GiveTree within the “impact” vertical of the NFT market space, we can increase the volume and velocity of resources by creating purpose-built features based on our customer’s unique requirements. Our goal is to make the required infrastructure to support global daily donation volumes at scale and, in doing so, help to create better solutions to the world’s problems in our time.

🚀 Wen launch?

We are aiming to launch the first version of the GiveTree web application through an MVP closed beta with a small group of initial charities and donors in 2024.


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