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What are all of the ways you can donate to charity?

Here are over 20 ways to support charity
There are lots of ways to support your favourite causes

Here are over 20 different ways you can donate to support charity:


Over 20 ways to support charity:

  1. Donate cash and coins directly to the charity

  2. Create a fundraiser by yourself in real life or online

  3. Create a fundraiser in a group in real life or online

  4. Donate a portion of your salary each paycheque through your employer

  5. Donate a small amount of money each time you buy something from an app

  6. Donate your spare change when you purchase something from a retailer

  7. Donate goods such as clothes, blankets, and food

  8. Volunteer your time working at shelters or food kitchens

  9. Donate stocks

  10. Donate blood

  11. Donate organs after you pass away

  12. Leave a gift in your will e.g. Land, money, or goods.

  13. Adopt an animal

  14. Buy something from a charity retailer in real life or online

  15. Drop off clothes and goods to a charity bin

  16. Scan a QR code to make a donation

  17. Donate cryptocurrency across the blockchain

  18. Create a fundraiser with a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sale or auction

  19. Create a donor-advised fund

  20. Donate from your retirement account

  21. Donate while watching a live stream on the internet

  22. Create content from charities and help spread awareness

  23. Speak with friends and family about what charities are doing to help spread awareness



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